Titanion is a 2.5D shooter game for Windows, *nix and MacOSX.
You strike down super high-velocity swooping insects.
Check out the Video.

The original version of Titanion was written by Kenta Cho.
This project offers a ported version for different platforms.
Feel free to submit enhancements, bugfixes or binaries.

More information is available on the Project page.


You can download Titanion from the Download Section.
Note: The packages for *nix and MacOSX don't include the SDL and SDL_mixer libraries.
You need to install them first.
A universal binary is also available here.

How to play

Avoid incoming bullets and strike down all enemies.
At the title screen, you can select a game mode (CLASSIC, BASIC, MODERN).



A score multiplier is displayed in the upper right. It increases when you destroy a enemy and decreases slowly when the enemy is on the screen.

Proximity multiplier

Bullet multiplier

Extra ship